Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

Information and tools to promote and implement inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian action


Watch this short video to get a better understanding of WHY and HOW to do inclusion.

Want to show the video while you are in the field?

Easily download the video by clicking here. It is currently available in English, French,
Arabic and Spanish.


Download the short guideline with the 6 simple keys for inclusion from the video.

Read it,
print it,
put it on your wall
and share it with your team!


Take our new introductory eLearning course on inclusion
of persons with disabilities - specifically customized for MSF staff and members. It is for free, with unrestricted access, and only takes about an hour to complete!


Do you want to spread the message about inclusion
of persons with disabilities?

Here is what we suggest:

 • Get your team to take the course, then discuss together
to define steps forward towards inclusion 
 • Use our two other tools below for raising awareness

With our awareness raising kit, anyone can raise awareness on inclusion of persons with disabilities, anywhere.
The activity only takes one hour - why not do it over your lunch break? Download the kit and start the discussion now!

Arrange a game night and play the Inclusive Health Game! We've tried it and loved it! The game "helps you
and your team to understand the barriers that people with
a disability face when they make use of health care services – and to create short term and long term solutions".
Developed by Light For The World.


Still curious?
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Check our page for Experience sharing, to learn from colleagues. 

Check our collection of relevant medical articles.

Check our reports and policy documents of interest.

Check our tools for promotion and implementation of inclusion of persons with disabilities.


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