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Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

Information and tools to promote and implement inclusion of persons with disabilities in Humanitarian Action


Watch this short video to get a better understanding of WHY and HOW to do inclusion.

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Now that you've got the basics, download a short guideline to remind you of the 6 simple keys for inclusion from the video.

Read it,
print it,
put it on your wall
and/or your nightstand


Do you want to know more?

One hour free online training

We strongly recommend the one hour online training - Comprehensive Accessible Humanitarian Assistance for Older People and People with Disabilities.

This training focuses on accessibility to humanitarian assistance for older people and persons with disabilities. By showing examples of concrete cases in the field, the training gives insight about the specific barriers and risks that affect the target group in humanitarian crises due to factors such as non-accessibility and dependence on others. It provides practical tools on how to include these concerns in humanitarian projects by addressing different types of barriers: Physical, Attitudes and Behaviour, Communication, Policy and Programmatic. 

How to get started

Go to and set up an account for free. The easiest way to find the training is to paste "Comprehensive Accessible Humanitarian Assistance for Older People and People with Disabilities" into the search field that pops up. Click on it and get started!

In the future

We may develop a more specific training on inclusion in MSF, but in the meantime we highly recommend this one. 


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