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Newsletter #1

"The opening of The Portal on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in MSF"

Participants to the Training Of Trainers, MSF (OCB) Project on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Harare, Zimbabwe.17-18 September 2018.

Newsletter #2

"Make inclusion a reality – First training of trainers in MSF Zimbabwe mission facilitated by regional Disabled People’s Organizations"

Newsletter #3

"Welcome to the inclusion Family!
A big thanks and congratulations to MSF UAE team for its amazing contribution to inclusion in our Arabic speaking missions & settings."

Field Associative Debates (FAD) in Kampala, Uganda, 2017.

Newsletter #4

"A warm welcome
The project team wishes you all welcome to a new year of commitment to transforming MSF into an organization that is inclusive of persons with disabilities."

Louise Limela

Newsletter #5

"Voices from the field -
In this fifth edition of the newsletter, we have a lot to report from the disability inclusive front in MSF! We put a specific focus on unpacking why inclusion at all levels of MSF is important."

Newsletter #6

The e-learning course on inclusion,
the challenges of invisible disabilities,
and finding ways to create inclusive spaces in Kinshasa and Beirut.

Florence, the MSF medical officer at the Old Fangak hospital in South Sudan, examines a worried pregnant woman who arrived in the evening in the maternity ward. Photo by Frederic Noy.

Newsletter #7

The disabling consequences of reproductive health complications,  a medical look at neglected tropical diseases and disabilities, and grassroots ideas for fostering diversity and inclusion in MSF.

© MSF/ Vincenzo Livieri

Newsletter #8

Interview with Habiba Ali-Amin, MSF International Board member, on the situation of persons with disabilities in emergencies, the transformative potential of patient-centred approach in MSF and the global COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to rethink vulnerability and fully embrace inclusion.

© Isabel Corthier/MSF

Newsletter #9

Lessons for disability inclusion from projects engaging with severely stigmatised groups.

Ali, 18, is doing re-education sessions twice a week at the MSF hospital in Mocha. He was injured in the explosion of a mine while he was in the fields of Mawza, east of Mocha. Yemen. Photo by Guillaume Binet/MYOP.

Newsletter #10

Two voices on the place of physiotherapy in medical action of MSF, a testimony of a noma survivor turned MSF staff and advocate, and highlights from an asso-driven initiative for people with disabilities in Kinshasa. 

© MSF/ Vincenzo Livieri

Newsletter #11

MSF’s first accessibility guidelines help to ensure that all the patients can reach our care. A webinar on inclusive emergency response, and a new person in the team.

Fatma Al Jassim

Newsletter #12

Registration for the webinar on accessible construction and universal design in humanitarian settings opens and an interview on inclusive emergency response with expert Fatma Al Jassim.

Newsletter #13

Some food for thought before the accessibility webinar: how small changes can make a big difference for patients with disabilities. Also, a closer look to our speakers.

Newsletter #14

Welcome aboard! We're building a community for persons with disabilities in MSF and our allies. Also, a tip on how to survey disability. 


Newsletter #15

How can health promotion help remove the barriers that hinder the inclusion of persons with disabilities and other marginalized groups? Also, a teaser on our upcoming webinar.


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